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Comprehensive App Modernization Services

In today's fast-paced technology landscape, organizations must go with application modernization services to stay competitive and seize new opportunities. At CraftedQ, we specialize in helping businesses like yours stay ahead of the curve. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, enabling your organization to gain a competitive edge. Trust us to guide you through the modernization process and unlock your full potential.

Assessment and Strategy

A detailed assessment to identify potential areas for modernization and establish a roadmap.


Cloud Migration

Seamlessly transition your applications to a cloud infrastructure for greater scalability.


Legacy Systems

We assist with updating and modernizing outdated legacy systems, resulting in improved performance.


Application Refactoring

CraftedQ will restructure the existing applications' code to optimize performance.



Breaking down monolithic applications into microservices and containerizing them for easier deployment.


DevOps Enablement

We implement DevOps practices to automate and streamline the modernization process.


UX Redesign

Redesigning the user interface and experience of existing applications to enhance user satisfaction.


Security and Compliance

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements by implementing robust security measures is on us.


Revitalize Your Application

Next-Gen Application Modernization Services

We combine our technical expertise with a deep understanding of your business goals to provide customized solutions that help you stay ahead of the competition.

UI/UX Modernization

We enhance the user interface and experience of your applications by redesigning them with the latest user-centric design principles, resulting in increased user satisfaction.

Technology Modernization

We devise an application modernization strategy employing the latest technologies and tools.

Integration Replatforming

We migrate your existing applications to modern platforms, ensuring a smooth transition.

Fail-Proof Expertise

Hassle-Free Application Modernization Services


Enhanced Security

CraftedQ prioritizes application security through ongoing vulnerability management.


Better Scalability

Our application infrastructure enables you to keep up with the pace of innovation.


Customer Retention

We help you retain customers by modernizing your applications to provide increased satisfaction.

Why CraftedQ?

Top-Notch Application Modernization Services

At CraftedQ, we understand that every business is unique, and we provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and goals. We work closely with our clients to develop an application modernization roadmap that aligns with your business objectives, timelines, and budget. We follow an agile development methodology that enables us to deliver modernized applications quickly and efficiently.

We prioritize application security and follow best practices to ensure that your applications remain secure and compliant. Our customer-centric approach ensures that we provide exceptional customer service, and we work closely with you to make sure that our solutions meet your expectations and provide maximum value for your business. We ensure a seamless transition and minimal disruption to your business operations.

Top Notch Projects

Better Optimization

We optimize application performance through advanced monitoring, and capacity planning.


Bottleneck Resolutions

Our team identifies bottlenecks, analyzes performance metrics, and fine-tuning for optimal performance.


Application Modernization With New-Age Designs

With our expertise in the latest technologies and design trends, we help businesses create applications that not only meet their current needs but also have the flexibility to adapt to future changes. The result is applications that are modern, easy to use, and built to support the growth and success of your business. Our designers carry up-to-date knowledge about the ongoing trends and they will assist you to curate your application with future-proof designs.

Whether you need to develop a new application or optimize an existing one, we’re here to help you every step of the way. With our application management services, you can achieve consistent performance, maximum uptime, and a product that stands out from the competition.

Comprehensive Application Modernization Strategy!

CraftedQ CraftedQ

Requirements Planning

Our expert analysts use advanced techniques to extract business requirements from your software applications and recast them in natural or formal language for further analysis or forward engineering.

CraftedQ CraftedQ

Remediation Services

Our remediation services are directed towards enhancing your applications' functionality, making them easier to maintain and part of a highly-scalable framework. We analyze your application, identify inconsistencies, and develop appropriate solutions.

CraftedQ CraftedQ

Re-Platform Services

Our re-platform services enhance your applications to run on newer, less expensive, and more efficient cloud-based technology platforms. This helps to improve the scalability, reliability, and performance of your applications while reducing service costs.

CraftedQ CraftedQ

Migration Services

We assist our clients in migrating their applications to a standards-based environment while minimizing disruption to the business - using rehosting, refactoring, digital decoupling, and containerization techniques.

CraftedQ CraftedQ

Framework Modernization

Our team provides UI/UX modernization services to improve the user experience and ensure that your applications meet the expectations of modern users. This helps to improve customer loyalty, and retention rates and increase overall engagement and application productivity.

CraftedQ CraftedQ

Legacy Application Modernization

We specialize in modernizing legacy applications, ensuring that they remain relevant and competitive in today's rapidly changing technology landscape. Our qualified team will identify opportunities for improvement, and develop customized solutions.

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Reliable Application Modernization Company

CraftedQ’s application modernization services help businesses to optimize their existing infrastructure and application architecture. Our team of experts analyzes your legacy systems to identify opportunities to modernize and migrate them to modern, cloud-based platforms. By doing so, we improve the performance, functionality, and maintainability of your applications while reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

Our goal is to deliver high-quality applications that meet the expectations of our clients and their target audience. At CraftedQ, we understand the importance of having a reliable and high-performing application. And hence, we provide tailored application management services to help you achieve your business goals. Our certified team of experts then utilizes user-centered design principles and performs regular testing and quality assurance to ensure that the application meets the unique needs and expectations of our client’s target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is application modernization and why is it important?

Application modernization is the process of updating or replacing older software applications with modern, cloud-based systems that provide better performance, security, scalability, and maintainability. Businesses should consider this because outdated systems can hinder business growth and agility, and can be more costly to maintain over time.

How do I know if my application needs modernization?

If your application is more than a few years old, it may need modernization. Signs that your application needs modernization include frequent crashes, slow response times, inability to scale, and difficulties integrating with new technologies. Contact us today and we will assess your application to see if they require modernization.

How much does application modernization cost?

The cost of application modernization can vary depending on the complexity of the application, the extent of the modernization needed, and the level of customization required. At CraftedQ, we provide tailored solutions for each client, and we work with you to find a budget that meets your specific needs.

Can I modernize my applications in stages with CraftedQ?

It is possible to modernize your applications in stages. At CraftedQ, we often recommend taking a phased approach to modernization, as it can help manage costs and minimize disruption to your business.

Will modernizing my application with CraftedQ require downtime for my business?

While some level of downtime may be required during the modernization process, we work to minimize this as much as possible. Our team will work with you to schedule the modernization process around your business operations, ensuring minimal impact on your daily activities.

Will modernizing my application affect its functionality?

Modernizing your application should improve its functionality by enhancing performance, security, and scalability. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that the new application meets all your functional requirements.

How long does the application modernization process take?

The length of the modernization process can vary depending on the complexity of the application and the extent of the modernization needed. At CraftedQ, we provide a detailed timeline and work with you to ensure the modernization process is completed efficiently and effectively.

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