Reliable Financial Consulting

Reliable Financial Consulting

CraftedQ is renowned for providing financial consulting services that leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure robustness and security. Our services have earned the trust of a wide range of clients from diverse backgrounds.


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Fail-Proof Financial Services

The financial industry is continually evolving, and technology is playing a vital role in shaping its future. CraftedQ offers financial IT consulting services to banks and financial organizations, combining our agility as a startup with the experience of a well-informed and data-driven organization. Our specialists have a wealth of expertise in crafting, developing, and launching complete digital solutions globally, serving top banks and financial institutions. Our services focus on creating technology that enhances the value of your financial operations, with dedicated teams available to cater to your specific business needs.

What Can We Do For You?

Redefining Business Financial Consulting!

CraftedQ’s deep expertise in financial digital transformation and top-notch specialists, empowers us to support our clients throughout their entire digital transformation journey.

  •   Agile Fintech Development
  •   Performance-Driven Strategies
  •   Blockchain Solution Consulting
At CraftedQ, we leverage disruptive technologies such as web, mobile, cloud, analytics, IoT, and AR to deliver cutting-edge solutions that help address modern challenges in the financial landscape. From risk management to compliance requirements, we utilize intelligent automation to provide comprehensive banking & financial consulting that meets the needs pertaining to businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Big Data Analytics

CraftedQ delivers software consulting in finance with big data analytics and data science solutions for customized experiences, fraud detection, and risk management.


Block Chain & Cryptocurrency

Our blockchain and cryptocurrency services meet industry standards with essential features like robust security and privacy, achieved through quality-first processes.


Banking Solutions

CraftedQ creates secure, compliant, and scalable banking applications as one of the leading financial consulting companies. Hire us for developing robust systems!


Ledger Systems

We leverage our industry knowledge and practical skills to establish settlement and payout systems that enable seamless checkout and reconciliation.


Payment Solutions

CraftedQ specializes in developing fintech payment solutions, including B2B, digital, mobile, and P2P transfers, catering to the unique needs of diversified industries.


Business Audit

With our expertise in business audit and financial analysis, we provide tailored recommendations to optimize your financial performance and achieve your goals.

Top-Notch Financial Consulting Services

CraftedQ is committed to revolutionizing your business strategies through the integration of innovative technologies that align seamlessly with your goals, resulting in significant ROI gains within shorter timeframes. Drawing on our extensive industry experience, we specialize in accelerating your digital transformation journey with future-proof technologies that will help your business remain competitive in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

Market Analytics

CraftedQ provides insights into market trends, customer behaviour, and evolving competition, enabling you to stay ahead.

User-Centric Solutions

We prioritize user experience when designing and developing technology solutions.

Agile Approach

Our flexible and collaborative approach ensures timely project turnarounds for your business needs.

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