Top-Notch Energy and Utilities Consulting

Top-Notch Energy and Utilities Consulting

At CraftedQ, we provide energy and utilities consulting services focused on identifying opportunities for digital transformation and developing strategies to optimize performance and drive rapid business growth.


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Reliable Energy and Utilities Solutions

The growing focus on achieving net zero has brought energy and utilities service providers to the forefront of the digitization era. To succeed in this ever-changing landscape, businesses must incorporate digital and sustainable practices into their operations and foster partnerships across industries. We support our clients in creating sustainable business infrastructures that meet the expectations of stakeholders. Our industry experts also assist in identifying cost-saving opportunities, securing operations, and delivering stable energy experiences, enabling utility organizations to lead the charge in the energy transition and drive positive change for their businesses, society, and the environment.

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Best Energy and Utilities Consulting

At CraftedQ, we are committed to enabling our clients to drive positive change in the energy and utilities sector while building sustainable and profitable businesses for the future.

  • Comprehensive Enterprise Reinvention
  • Connected Energy Ecosystem
  • Workflow Management Tools
CraftedQ is one of the best energy and utilities consulting firms with extensive experience across all facets of the industry. Whether addressing regulatory requirements, improving operational efficiency, or implementing digital solutions, our team offers the expertise to deliver results. Our subject-matter experts are dedicated to helping our clients create sustainable, forward-thinking businesses capable of meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Enterprise Automation

At CraftedQ, we provide cutting-edge enterprise and process automation solutions that optimize our client's business processes and improve their performance across the energy and utility sectors.


Bespoke Development

Our team of experts utilizes the latest technologies and bespoke development to create customized applications and software solutions that align with our client's strategic goals and objectives.


Cyber Security Solutions

CraftedQ’s comprehensive cyber security solutions protect energy and utility businesses from cyber threats, including malware, phishing attacks, and data breaches to mitigate any risks before they become threats.


Digital Maturity

We help clients identify opportunities for digital transformation and develop strategies to optimize performance, improve customer experiences, and drive revenue growth while also chasing the net zero vision.


Automation Assistance

Our automation provides energy and utility clients with the support and expertise needed to implement and manage automation processes throughout their organization along with ongoing support.


Business Audit

We are one of the best utility consulting companies that provide our clients with a thorough analysis of their business operations, identifying opportunities for improvements, cost reduction and optimization.

Unbeatable Energy and Utilities Consulting

Our energy and utility analytics solutions transform data into actionable insights for process improvement, automation, and innovation. We work with clients to design and enable their organizations to thrive in a constantly disrupted market. We are one of the best utility consulting firms that provide data-driven insights for businesses of any scale.

Accelerated Digitization

Our expertise in digital transformation enables businesses to embrace new technologies.

Optimal Security

We assist businesses to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape and remain resilient.

Energy Management

CraftedQ enables our clients to achieve their strategic goals while reducing their environmental footprint.

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