Reliable Fintech Consulting

Reliable Fintech Consulting

CraftedQ has established a reputation for delivering robust and secure fintech products utilizing the latest technology, earning the trust of both fintech startups and big financial institutions.


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Fail-Proof Fintech Consulting Services

The potential for fintech to transform the financial services landscape is a constant. Our fintech consultancy leverages the agility of a start-up with the advantages of a data-driven, experienced, and well-informed organization. CraftedQ specialists have crafted, developed, and launched complete digital solutions globally, serving top banks and fintech companies. Our services center around creating technology that enhances the value of your financial operations, with dedicated teams accessible for different types of businesses like fintech startups, traditional finance, and non-financial firms. With our extensive knowledge and extensive experience, we guarantee timely delivery of cutting-edge fintech products.

What Can We Do For You?

Top Fintech Consulting Tailored For Sustainable Growth!

Our extensive fintech knowledge, top-notch specialists, and customer-focused approach enable us to assist our clients in their complete digital transformation journey.

  • Agile Fintech Development
  • Performance-Driven Strategies
  • Blockchain Solution Consulting
CraftedQ delivers cutting-edge solutions to address modern challenges in the financial landscape, from risk management to compliance requirements, through intelligent automation. We collaborate with start-ups and businesses of all sizes worldwide to develop, improve, and expand products across multiple platforms, utilizing disruptive technologies in web, mobile, cloud, analytics, IoT, and AR. Hire us for availing comprehensive solutions that will change your finance game altogether.

Big Data Analytics

We provide top fintech consulting with big data analytics and data science solution development services that can deliver customized experiences, detect fraud, and manage risks effectively.


Block Chain & Cryptocurrency

When offering our blockchain and cryptocurrency services, we ensure they meet industry standards with essential features, such as robust security and privacy through quality-first processes.


Banking Solutions

As a fintech software consulting company, we create banking software that is compliant, secure, and capable of scaling to meet your needs. Hire us to develop robust systems for you.


Ledger Systems

With our industry knowledge and practical skills, we support you in establishing a system to handle all settlements and payouts to enable treasurers to perform checkout and reconciliations. seamlessly.


Payment Solutions

We specialize in developing various types of fintech payment solutions, including B2B payments, digital payments, mobile payments, P2P transfers, and more, catering to a wide range of industries.



We guarantee frequent and dependable code updates from our expert website development team, adhering to operating principles for enhanced collaboration, and faster time-to-market.

Maximizing Potential Through Expert Fintech Consulting

Reinventing your business strategies and assisting you with innovative technologies that will seamlessly align right on track to effect massive ROIs in shorter spans is what our services are all about. We have garnered extensive experience in the sector and can accelerate your digitization in the right direction with technologies that will never go obsolete.

Market Analytics

Stay ahead with insights into market trends, customer behavior, and evolving competition.

User-Centric Solutions

We design and develop technology that prioritizes user experience.

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