Tax Management System

Platforms Dashboard

Deliverables UI/UX Design, Web Application


01What is Tax Management System?


CraftedQ offers a comprehensive property tax solution that facilitates easy payment of annual taxes to government-mandated municipal corporations or local bodies. Our solution integrates the property owner’s information, address, property details, tax information, property image, and location. Additionally, it is unified with Registration Department Data that provides details of encumbrances, prohibited property details, and dispute properties. This allows for complete and easy access to information on tax dues, addresses, and encumbrances via the Commissioner and Director, Municipal Administration (C&DMA) website, and ULB website.


02Project Overview


At CraftedQ, we understand the complexity and nuances of property taxation across various municipal authorities in the country. Therefore, we offer a secure and reliable solution that can match the diverse needs of tax departments in financial institutions and marketplaces across the country. The proposed solution has reduced the workload of municipal officials, enabling them to focus on more critical tasks. Overall, CraftedQ’s property tax solution offers a comprehensive package of services that cater to the complex needs of tax departments across the country. Presenting our clients with comprehensive solutions is what we do best.


03Problem Statement


The existing property tax payment process was manual and time-consuming, resulting in delays and errors in tax collection. The challenge was to automate the tax payment process entirely.


04Project Goal

We conducted a thorough analysis of the existing tax payment process and identified areas that needed improvement. We then developed a comprehensive solution that integrated technology, design, and data management to streamline the tax payment process.

05Our Solution

CraftedQ’s property tax solution offers several features that enhance the user experience. Firstly, the solution provides a user-friendly interface for property owners to access tax information easily. Secondly, the solution enables online tax payment, ensuring a hassle-free experience for property owners. Thirdly, the solution offers legacy data migration, ensuring the seamless transfer of data from the existing system. Fourthly, the solution provides MIS reports, enabling the tax department to monitor tax collection and identify areas for improvement. The solution offers dashboard integration and maintenance services, ensuring the platform’s smooth functioning.

06Our Technologies




Angular JS


MySQL Database


Nginx Web Server



07Our Results

Superb output

The property tax solution developed by CraftedQ has resulted in several positive outcomes. Firstly, the tax payment process has been automated, reducing delays and errors in tax collection. Secondly, property owners can access complete tax information online, eliminating the need for repeated visits to municipal offices. Thirdly, the solution has improved transparency and accountability in the tax payment process.


CraftedQ’s marketing and branding services ensure that the property tax portal is accessible to a wider audience and establishes a positive brand image.


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