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01What is Healthcare Digital Marketing?


A massive significant technological advancement since the last decade has made it more accessible to gain insights about digital medical records, telemedicine, digital health platforms, along with online appointment booking.

Investing in digital marketing in the healthcare sector helped our client with the following:

  • Reaching a wider audience
  • Offering a vast range of services via med-tech platforms
  • Raise awareness about medical practices, medicines, and the brand
  • Track customer behavior and interactions to make data-driven decisions
  • Lower the CPA or cost-per-acquisition by 50 % or more
  • Higher SEO rankings

02Healthcare Digital Marketing

Our Approach

The healthcare organization needed to reach a wider audience and promote medical awareness as much as possible. With healthcare digital marketing and SEO strategies, CraftedQ helped the company to support more than 88% people to find relevant answers to their daily healthcare queries.

Identifying the critical requirements of the patients was never easy. The healthcare center couldn’t amplify its conversion rates even after launching a highly intuitive platform. To help them get their desired results, we developed strategies to fulfill the patient expectations:

  • Prompt responses
  • Easy access to healthcare services
  • Direct communication with specialists, etc.

With the correct usage of social media platforms and technology advancement, CraftedQ helped the organization reach a larger audience. We helped with the brand visibility and online presence, enabling the brand to rank higher on search engines like Google.


03Problem Statement

The Problem

The healthcare industry’s biggest challenge is targeting and reaching out to new patients. As most brands fail to focus on creating relevant, attractive, and well-constructed content with the correct SEO strategies, establishing a robust online presence seems challenging for many.


04Project Goals

To help our client get their desired results, we developed various strategies to fulfill the patients’ expectations. With the correct usage of social media platforms and technology advancement, CraftedQ helped the organization reach a larger audience. We helped with the brand visibility and online presence, enabling the brand to rank higher on search engines like Google.

05Our Challenges

Retaining patients was never an easy task. And, it directly impacted the business and the conversion rates. Moreover, there was a sharp change in the patient's attitudes toward healthcare practices.

Our top challenges were:

  • Creating a well-defined persona and content
  • Targeting restrictions and lack of customizations as per HIPAA regulations
  • Giving vast exposure and top SEO rank
  • Brand visibility and trust building to retain existing patients while targeting the new ones
  • Seamless integration of traditional healthcare model with digital practices
  • Brand strategy, client engagement, and awareness

06Our Solution

CraftedQ created a user-friendly, highly intuitive user-centric website to help the brand connect to its patients. We helped the brand to break the stereotypes, health myths, mental health, nutrition, parenting, etc., thereby establishing a solid digital presence in the market. Using virtual reality.
We focused on including SEO tactics like keyword search, keeping URLs short and crisp content, and several other techniques to let Google value the authoritative quotient of the website. To reach new users, our initiatives included investing in paid search ads to help with search intent targets, using popular social media platforms and video marketing.

07Our Technologies


Google Analytics




Google Ads





08Our Results

Superb output

Using these digital marketing tactics, we helped our client’s brand to:

  • Make a strong digital presence
  • Amplify global reach
  • Save on marketing expenses while increasing their conversion rates
  • High patient engagement
  • Better qualified leads with stronger patient-hospital relationships
  • Clear user feedback for upgrading services


Incorporating these crucial changes helped our client’s healthcare brand to amplify its online presence while establishing a stronger and more faithful relationship with the patients. Quick loading time, attractive landing pages, easy navigation, and prompt replies from specialists have helped patients find relevant healthcare services using digital platforms. Overall, our healthcare digital marketing strategies have successfully helped our client to create brand loyalty and reach new patients over time.


Our Comprehensive Solution

Our Healthcare Digital Marketing solutions seemed beneficial for the patients to understand the details of different techniques, which helped restore faith in the brand’s ability to deliver brilliant healthcare services.

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