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01What is Tele Medicine & Mental Health App?


Orix is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge digital solutions that elevate patient care and has a history of being a leader in healthcare technology development. To provide everyone with access to mental healthcare, Orix set out to develop a telemedicine app that is easy to use, secure, and tailored for mental health assistance.

Leading healthcare technology firm Orix identified this need and set out to create a revolutionary Telemedicine & Mental Health App. This case study examines the process by which Orix created an iOS telemedicine app for mental health and demonstrates the revolutionary effects it has had on mental healthcare.


02Project Overview


Orix sought to develop an app that emphasized user privacy, confidentiality, and security to ensure compliance with stringent healthcare legislation and data protection requirements. The goal was to establish a safe and user-centric telemedicine platform. The software ensured users’ and mental health professionals’ maximum safety and peace of mind by utilizing cutting-edge encryption technology and robust authentication processes.


03Problem Statement

The Problem

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the prevalence of depression and anxiety. It emphasizes the need for a solution for the conventional obstacles to better mental healthcare. Orix wanted to incorporate sophisticated data tracking and analysis features within the app and to make an app that captured consumers’ attention as soon as it was launched.


04Project Insights

Patients and mental health professionals benefited greatly from creating and implementing Orix's Telemedicine & Mental Health App:

05Key Features

The app has unique features, including virtual support groups, AI-powered chatbots for rapid assistance, community forums to promote connection and peer support, and secure text, voice, and video communications.

Customized treatment regimens

The app collects and analyzes user data allowing mental health experts to customize treatment regimens according to patients’ preferences and requirements.

Immersive features for mental well-being

The app features guided meditation and mindfulness exercises, stress management strategies, tailored goal-setting, and positive affirmation modules.

User-friendly interface

The app has aesthetically appealing visuals, animations, and a fascinating color scheme so that users can experience a unique mental health journey.


06Our Solution

The software included cutting-edge security features to protect user data, including end-to-end encryption. This established trust in the app’s dedication to privacy and secrecy.

With this application, users are able to access a seamless environment that enables encrypted text, voice, and video conferencing between patients and mental health doctors.

07Our Technologies










Mongo DB

08Our Results

Superb output

The Orix Telemedicine & Mental Health App’s explicit UI made the appointment booking procedure simpler.Users appreciated having the ability to book appointments whenever it suited them, with automatic reminders acting as a safeguard against missed appointments.

The software offers users helpful tools to track their mental health development by incorporating self-assessment quizzes, mood monitoring systems, and journaling elements.
Furthermore, thorough reports generation gave mental health experts the knowledge they needed to design individualized treatment regimens to guarantee comprehensive care.


The Orix Telemedicine & Mental Health App symbolizes a paradigm change in mental healthcare by utilizing technology to remove boundaries and offer open, engaging, and individualized help. The app allows users to take proactive measures for their mental well-being through its distinctive features, immersive experiences, and data-driven insights. As a result of Orix’s unwavering dedication to innovation and user-centered design, a new era in mental healthcare has arrived, enabling everyone to get the help they require and start along the path to long-term mental well-being.

Our Comprehensive Solution

Orix partnered with CraftedQ’s seasoned developers and healthcare experts to design an iOS telemedicine app that met the project’s objectives. A variety of immersive and interactive capabilities designed to increase user engagement and support proactive mental health treatment. The combination of these components produced a comprehensive and robust user experience.

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