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Why Should You Hire A Dedicated WordPress Website Developer?

November 6, 2023
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The Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated WordPress Developer

Why Should You Hire A Dedicated WordPress Website Developer?Whether you want to build a responsible and personalized website or completely remodel your present one, you will need WordPress experience to finish the process. While there are several things to consider before hiring specialized WordPress developers for your web development team, the most crucial is comprehending and evaluating how WordPress may increase sales and visibility for your business. However, let’s first grasp why you should select this particular platform before we delve into the advantages of hiring a dedicated WordPress website developer.

Why Choose WordPress?

According to statistics, WordPress powers 43.2% of the internet. WordPress unquestionably provides several benefits, ranking it among the top options for businesses and WordPress specialists. See what they are together.

It is open-source.

The term “open-source” is undoubtedly one you’ve heard often if you’ve worked in the software industry. It implies that you can customize the WordPress platform whatever you’d like for no additional charge. Hiring WordPress specialists who can concentrate on every aspect of web development, such as website themes, design, development support, competitiveness, market trends, and more, is necessary to create a website. But before WordPress developers begin working on your project, you’ll need a domain name and site hosting.

It is simple to use.

WordPress designers developed the platform for everyone, not just WordPress developers. The platform is a good option for non-techies because of its enormous diversity, robust functionality, and user-friendliness. The user can add functionalities to the website thanks to its straightforward dashboard and a large selection of menus on the sidebar. Users can read and listen to the guides to get site instructions. However, as you set up and modify your website, there can be a few hiccups. You must hire qualified WordPress website developers to oversee the full web development project.

It enables total customization.

WordPress’s popularity is largely because it satisfies user needs. WordPress web designers can adapt the website to your needs for long-term company growth. While the platform offers free and paid features that even those without a website design and development background can utilize, WordPress developers may also create specialized themes and plugins to provide more sophisticated capabilities. You must hire WordPress web developers who can effectively and properly harness the platform’s capabilities if you want to transform your website into a new and distinctive web platform.

Large-scale community support 

Since 2003, WordPress has been a service provider for the web-building industry. Since then, it has gained a lot of support from the neighborhood. Whether you are a WordPress developer just starting with the platform or a company attempting to master its powerful features, the active WordPress community is always welcoming and ready to help. The WordPress community is an excellent resource for getting answers from other WordPress website designers and learning from some of the business’s most experienced and educated WordPress developers. You won’t frequently encounter obstacles when decoding the software and unlocking its full potential with such benefits and assistance.

You may control and administer your website.

Themes, fonts, colors, widgets, menus, logos, codes, and other components of WordPress are entirely under your control. Due to its adaptability, WordPress websites may be customized to meet specific business needs. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced WordPress developers can all easily use the platform. It is simple to govern and maintain in a user-friendly manner every part of content production, maintenance, and presentation. As a result, you should work with WordPress developers who can help you get more control over every aspect of your website.

WordPress sites are simple to update.

You must update your website to keep up with customer needs and growing business. WordPress experts, for instance, can quickly update the system to the most recent version, update plugins or themes, handle comments on your website’s content, ensure the safety and security of your website, and offer more sophisticated maintenance support. However, since a WordPress developer is the only person aware of how to use every feature of WordPress, consider hiring a competent WordPress developer who can quickly and efficiently improve your customer experience.

It provides the best SEO assistance.

To appear more prominently on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine’s SERP, SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential. SEO is increasing the volume and quality of search engine traffic to a website. WordPress developers must use SEO techniques to enhance the look and positioning of web pages in organic search results because SEO targets unpaid traffic. The good news is that WordPress is SEO-friendly and that WordPress developers can employ an outstanding suite of SEO plugins to increase organic traffic.

Why Should You Hire a WordPress Developer? 

Why Should You Hire A Dedicated WordPress Website Developer?Your brand must have a distinct, unique, and well-designed internet presence. And to do that, you’ll need the assistance of a qualified and professional WordPress developer who will be in charge of establishing a brand-new website from the start, redesigning an existing one, coming up with something original, or incorporating novel and standout features into your website. Here are some advantages of hiring a dedicated WordPress developer for your business.

You can get assistance from a capable WordPress developer for efficient planning.

You are in the business, and you are completely familiar with it. You are skilled in positioning and showcasing your brand to the intended market. However, even when you are aware of the outcome you want, a lack of planning can occasionally lead to a website that is below average.

You will receive top-notch work 

Even if you have little technological experience, you will still need to take care of important activities as an entrepreneur. Taking on the development responsibilities in that situation might be time-consuming and difficult. For this reason, you need to engage with a committed WordPress developer with an in-depth understanding of various frameworks, technologies, and website development to produce a top-notch company website. Working closely with cross-functional teams and stakeholders, the WordPress developer will ensure you receive customized solutions. A strong online presence can assist you in increasing conversions and achieving desired business outcomes.

Focus On customer-centric experiences

The most crucial element of a company’s success is having satisfied consumers. Therefore, you must create a website that offers an excellent customer experience. WordPress developers will use the best plugins and functionality for optimum optimization and user experience. The objectives are improved customer happiness, higher conversion, and lower bounce rates. WordPress programmers achieve this by:

  • Concentrating on resolving consumer issues
  • Fostering favorable perceptions of the business
  • Providing increased accessibility and easier navigation
  • Increasing the likelihood that customers will return

In-house WordPress developers provide immediate assistance and technical support.

The process of developing a website is continuing. Employing WordPress specialists who can help businesses with end-to-end web development, from planning to designing to developing to implementing to maintaining, is necessary given the industry’s dynamic environment. A proficient WordPress developer can swiftly and precisely fix any difficulties using their technical knowledge and experience. You can successfully avoid waiting and losing hours of valuable downtime.

WordPress programmers ensure that the project is completed on time.

A skilled and experienced WordPress developer will ensure the project is finished by the due date. Developers who focus on producing high-quality work create reliable, scalable, and competent websites faster. From beginning to end, a well-planned timeline will assist in establishing priorities and clear instructions. Teams become more effective as a result, and they can reach important project milestones. As a result, when recruiting committed WordPress developers, assess their familiarity with the agile development technique and other technologies to help them create quickly.

Customization is completely under your control.

You will stand out from the competition if your firm has a customized and effective website targeting the appropriate demographic. It will improve customer loyalty and aid in your understanding of them. Therefore, when you hire a dedicated WordPress developer ensures that the first impression of your company, i.e., your website, accurately represents you and what your company has to offer. They offer detailed adjustments that meet the needs of the company. A dedicated WordPress developer works with members of a cross-functional team to ensure that your website accurately reflects the values and personality of your organization. They use brand strategy, corporate goals, and business principles.

Your website performs better.

Customers visiting your website may leave and visit others if it performs slowly. One of the essential elements for the expansion of your firm is improved performance. You must use specialized WordPress developers to successfully and efficiently optimize the generated website. They can do this by producing high-quality code, using plugins, and adhering to best practices to improve the functionality and speed of your site. Furthermore, Google now considers webpage speed when determining rankings. WordPress developers must improve the site’s presence on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to prevent lower visitor levels.

You have flexibility when it comes to hiring

When you engage a WordPress developer, you can employ a specialist according to your project requirements. Depending on your goals and budget for website creation, you can select between an hourly wage and a monthly pay plan. Another option is working with an on-site, off-site, or independent WordPress developer. Depending on the stage of your project, you can also engage WordPress developers on a full-time, part-time, or project basis. However, you must establish the project’s and the company’s criteria before you start the hiring process. By doing this, you may be sure you’re adding the top specialist to your team.

Difference Between A Freelancer And Permanent WordPress Developer

Working with a freelancer or hiring a developer full-time are your two primary options when hiring a WordPress developer. Knowing how they vary will help you make an informed decision depending on your project’s needs and cost restrictions. Both methods have benefits and drawbacks. Here is a brief contrast:

Aspect Freelancer Permanent WordPress Developer
Flexibility Short-term projects, adaptability Consistent availability
Specialization Expertise in specific areas Deep understanding of your brand
Cost-effectiveness Affordable for smaller projects Long-term investment
Skill sets Diverse experience, problem-solving Expertise in your website needs
Consistency Varied depending on availability Continuous availability
Understanding It may require thorough communication In-Depth Understanding
Long-Term Investment  Generally project-based Long-term commitment
Rapid Reaction  This may vary based on the freelancer’s schedule Immediate Assistance
Resource Distribution No dedicated resources needed Requires salary, benefits, etc.

Let us now understand these differences in detail. 



In terms of project time, freelancers provide flexibility. They can be hired as needed for short-term activities or specialized projects. This adaptability is perfect for companies with fluctuating workloads.


Freelancers frequently have areas of expertise in WordPress design, coding, or plugin creation. Finding a freelancer that properly meets your project’s criteria is made possible by this specialism.


Due to their independence, freelancers may provide reasonable pricing. Cost-effectiveness is possible here, especially for little endeavors or jobs that call for something other than a full-time developer. The cost of hiring a dedicated WordPress developer is an added advantage. 

Multiple skill sets

Freelancers frequently work on numerous projects, exposing them to various businesses and difficulties. This diversity can produce a broader skill set and innovative problem-solving talents.

Permanent WordPress Developer 


A permanent developer provides regular availability because they focus entirely on your tasks. This guarantees continuing upkeep, support, and updates.

Deep Understanding

A permanent developer will have the time to thoroughly comprehend your company’s objectives, brand personality, and website needs. This results in a development process that is more unified and consistent.

Long-Term Investment

Hiring a permanent developer is a long-term investment that will pay dividends. The developer’s expertise with your website and commitment to improvement can lead to a well-optimized online presence, even though it might have higher starting expenditures.

Rapid Reaction

Permanent developers are readily available for prompt assistance and solutions. This is especially helpful if your website experiences unexpected problems or needs urgent upgrades.

Resource Distribution

Dedicated resources such as salary, benefits, and workspace are needed for a permanent developer. Compared to independent contractors, this may need a larger financial investment.

The kind of project you’re working on, the timeframe, and the cost will determine whether you hire a freelancer or a permanent WordPress developer. Freelancers are ideal for temporary or specialized assignments since they offer flexibility, specialization, and cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, permanent developers offer consistency, comprehensive knowledge, long-term optimization, and quick support, making them ideal for firms looking for ongoing development and maintenance. Consider your project’s requirements and long-term objectives carefully to decide which choice best suits your requirements.

Summing Up

An important consideration for businesses is hiring a WordPress web developer on your team if you want feature-rich bespoke websites with functions like API integrations, themes, plugins, and more. You’ll need devoted WordPress developers who can use the platform’s features to give you the best website development services if you want an innovative and dependable web solution. However, finding a trustworthy WordPress developer to work with is a challenging feat. A deluge of applications and interviews will result in a challenging, pricey, and time-consuming evaluation process.

Ready to elevate your online presence? With CraftedQ, unleash the potential of skilled WordPress development. Transform your vision into a stunning reality. Get in touch with me immediately so we can collaborate on something amazing.

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