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How much does a full-stack web developer salary in the USA?

February 14, 2023
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A deep analysis of full-stack web developer salary

Many web development jobs pique your attention if you’ve been contemplating your options for a more exciting and rewarding profession. New technological developments are constantly on the horizon as the digital world advances rapidly, especially in the IT sector, where there is a rising demand for qualified web developers. A full-stack web developer salary is one of the hot professions with above-average anticipated growth due to innovation’s abundance of new employment opportunities.

The role of a full-stack developer

An experienced web developer capable of handling many responsibilities at any stage is known as a full-stack developer. A full-stack web developer salary for 2023 that can take a project from the back end to the front end and beyond is called a full-stack developer. Due to these duties, full-stack engineers need to be proficient in managing design and comprehending hosting services and all other development layers.

The two leading professional specialties in web development are the back-end and front-end. Back-end development involves work done in the background, such as server configuration, database-related tasks, and different logical operations. Front-end development, on the other hand, focuses on the user-interactive, observable components of web design. The full-stack developer is aware of both.

Although the position might vary, a full-stack web developer salary along with their everyday tasks often involve the following essential skills:

  • Data modeling
  • Network, server, and hosting
  • API layer
  • User interface (UI)
  • Quality assurance 
  • Security
  • Customer service

How to become a full-stack developer?

A senior computer programmer with expertise in all web development facets is known as a full-stack developer. These experts are proficient in client software for creating the front end and server software for creating the back end’s functionality. Additionally, they are familiar with using common stacks, which are collections of software development tools for particular parameters and functions. These include:

  • LEMP stack
  • LAMP stack
  • Django stack
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MEAN stack

By understanding each level of the stack and how they interact, you’ll be well on your way to being a successful full-stack developer. Despite having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related discipline, many full-stack developers learn through online courses. Learning foundational programming languages is crucial for many who wish to launch a full-stack developer career. Introduction to web development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and the IBM full-stack developer professional certificate are entry-level courses you may pursue on coursera at your speed.

Outlook for full-stack developers’ career growth

Through 2026, the job outlook for web developers is predicted to expand at a rate of 13%, which is much faster than average. Particularly for full-stack engineers, specialist web development skills are sometimes even more in demand. As a result, full-stack web developer salary continues moving in this direction.

More than ever, businesses are searching for developers that can fulfill their evolving requirements. Smart businesses are searching for full-stack developers who can evaluate their systems thoroughly, with a profound grasp of how each unit runs and integrate with the broader company because web development affects nearly every part of the business.

The demand for full-stack developers is far more significant than the present supply due to the fast-evolving nature of technology today. Starting the route to becoming a full-stack developer is a wise career step for anyone seeking a web development profession with above-average potential.

Salary of a full-stack developer

In the US, employers are ready to pay full-stack developers up to $100,215 per year, reflecting the great demand for these professionals. Besides, the average full-stack web developer in the US makes $8,153.16 per month, or $55.57 per hour. The average full-stack developer income in the US is $92,700 per year, while the maximum compensation is $135,570 for the most seasoned experts.

The compensation of a full-stack developer in Virginia has a number of variables. They mention their city and firm of work, degree of specialization, qualifications, and certifications. Furthermore, the reported full-stack developer compensation in the US does not take into account bonuses, stock options, or other forms of income provided by companies.

As expertise and knowledge grow, the full-stack developer salary in the US rises significantly on a monthly basis. On the other hand, salary levels differ between industries and locations as well. Small and medium-sized businesses and startups also tend to pay less than well-established businesses.

  • New York: $123,481
  • Austin, Texas: $113,924
  • Chicago: $111,381
  • Detroit: $109,468
  • Ohio: $95,241

Outside of the United States, the wage range for full-stack developers varies greatly. For instance, a full-stack engineer in India has a potential yearly income of 7,50,149 rupees. While the average full-stack developer income in Canada is around $83,210 per year, it is €57,335 in Germany.

Please note that these compensation ranges are only estimates. When hiring full-stack web developer, with a specialty or a lot of expertise in the sector, some organizations offer attractive pay and benefits packages that far outpace the average reported wage.

Salary of a full-stack developer: based on experience

While hiring dedicated full-stack web developers, companies design the screening process accordingly. The amount of respect and trust you can get from your clients and the information you can transfer to your team members will influence how long you stay in that position and will help to scale up the growth rate and remuneration. Also, you may earn up to $620K with just 1-2 years of experience if you have 5-6 years of total experience and a tendency towards full-stack development. The pay for various experienced people is listed below:

Beginner level

In the US, an entry-level full-stack web developer salary may come up to 57,300 USD yearly. As your experience and competence grow, your full-stack developer pay in the US will progressively rise from its low foundation.

Intermediate level

Someone with five to ten years of experience makes $102,000 a year.

Advanced level

Employees with over twenty years of work experience receive an annual salary of 144,000 USD.

Full-stack development is indeed an exciting field

The full-stack web developer salary gives you a chance to apply your technical knowledge to real-world problems. This is your role if you want to interact with people and change the world. A solid resume, networking with engineers from other firms, financial investment in your education, a love for problem-solving, and a willingness to follow up with management after securing a position are all necessary.

A full-stack developer’s work is very fulfilling and gratifying. There is a lot of room for advancement with ongoing training in full-stack web development and skill development. Numerous such courses will aid someone in learning various programming languages. In order to provide the most accurate yearly pay range for full-stack developer jobs, CraftedQ continuously checks its database of millions of current jobs advertised locally around the United States.

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