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How Much Does Restaurant App Development Cost?

May 23, 2023
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Overview Of The Restaurant App Development Cost In 2023

Have you ever wondered how some of the top and fastest-growing food apps deliver customers’ favourite dishes within 30 mins? So how do a few brands keep up with the trends and keep on fulfilling last-minute food and beverage orders so seamlessly? Well, the answer lies in the simple fact that mobile technology plays an integral part in the overall evolution of the food industry. Recent studies show how the leading food brands continually employ some of the most prominent minds in constructing user-friendly applications to promote their brands online.

It has been the ultimate blessing for restaurant owners as they can amplify their sales and fulfil their customer requirements on a larger scale. However, before introducing the app to your audience, let us get a quick overview of the restaurant app development cost. The average cost of a restaurant app can range from $8000- $25,000 or more in 2023.

Sounds confusing? Well, if you need to get the best application for your food business, you need to understand the massive influence of the latest technologies and their pricing structure. Understanding that developing a restaurant app is no longer challenging but can be slightly heavy on your pockets. So, comprehending the factors and features that solely run the entire application can also provide a decent view of the overall expenses incurred during the app development process.

Types Of Restaurant Apps And Prices

When it comes to restaurant app development, pricing plays a crucial role in determining their accessibility and popularity among both users and owners. Different restaurant apps offer various pricing models and structures tailored to meet specific requirements and budgets. Understanding the various pricing options is essential for app development companies and restaurant owners.

Below the table, we will list the different types of restaurant apps, their prices and their development durations, providing insights into the financial aspect of these applications.

Restaurant App TypesRestaurant App CostDuration
Food Delivery Apps$8,000 to $50,0003 to 5 Months
Online Ordering Apps$8,000 to $60,0003 to 6 Months
Reservation Apps$8,000 to $30,0003 to 4 Months
Rewards Apps$8,000 to $25,0002 to 3 Months
Tableside Ordering Apps$8,000 to $40,0003 to 5 Months
Recipe Apps$8,000 to $20,0002 to 3 Months
Review and Recommendation Apps$8,000 to $30,0003 to 4 Months

Determining Factors For The Restaurant App Development Cost

Businesses rely on these applications to expand their audience reach and increase their conversion rates. The scenario is nothing different in the case of the food industry. A study conducted in 2023 shows that around 6.92 billion people are using smartphones, which accounts for 86.29% of the entire global population. So, it’s a no-brainer that foodpreneurs are always looking for opportunities to launch their food brand through mobile applications, serving the best palatable dishes and providing excellent user experience.

But to do so, it is essential to understand the fundamental concepts required in developing a highly-intuitive and user-friendly platform. And the first question that should be on your list before you hire the best developer team for your application is its budget.

  • What determines the entire cost of developing an application for restaurants?
  • How to develop an application within a strict budget?
  • Can one develop a restaurant application without a huge investment?

If these are some of the questions wandering through your mind, here are your answers. Let’s get a sneak peek of the factors that can help you to determine the overall development cost for your upcoming application:

1. Size of Your App

The first determining factor to refer to here is the overall size of the application. The application size is a critical factor to consider as it varies depending on the business size. Whether you own a medium-sized or a large-sized enterprise, you need to be conscious about the application size, as any typical development company will charge around $10,000 to $20,000 for designing and developing a simple restaurant mobile application.

However, apart from this app size, it is also essential to understand the features and functionalities of the software that can influence the overall development cost. So, in simple terms, the development charges tend to get higher depending on the app size.

2. Functionalities for Better Conversion Rates

Why do you need to worry about the detailed functionalities included in your application? That is because the ultimate goal of developing the mobile application is to motivate your target users to use the appropriate features that can assist them in making in-app purchases smoothly and within less time.

Before hiring the developers, list the functionalities and features you wish to integrate into your mobile app. Depending on this, an AngularJS mobile app development company can give you an overall estimate of the total expenses.

3. Devices & Platform Selection

The next one in line is the selection of the appropriate devices and platforms for app development. Why? That is because the cost varies significantly depending on the choice of the device and the platform.

Generally, creating the application for a single platform can be done at a lower rate than the ones developed for multiple platforms. So, it can be expensive if you plan to build a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. However, if you aim to target global audiences, creating the app for both platforms can be the wiser choice for enhancing the brand’s user base.

4. The Ones Who Build These Apps

When developing a highly intuitive mobile application, one of the critical factors to consider must be the development team. The development team forms the backbone of your application and can be an influential factor in the overall development cost estimation. Unfortunately, hiring the best developers is never easy, especially if you have a strict budget for developing your mobile application.

5. UI/UX for Delivering Excellent User Experience

UI/UX design should never be neglected while calculating the overall cost of developing a mobile app for any company. It is the factor mainly used for attracting users and engaging them on the platform.

If an app is built with confusing or boring UI/UX features, then such applications always show a very low conversion rate. On the other hand, proper integration of wireframes, product logos, and many such features can help with the overall application visits and purchases. No wonder these UI/UX features can influence the cost of developing applications, as it always requires experienced resources to deliver the desired outcome.

6. Maintenance Needs a Consideration

If you have already created an application, then you already know how expensive it gets with time to maintain its features and smooth functioning. Unfortunately, several brands tend to think that once the application delivers good results, it no longer needs any maintenance. But that is a myth that needs to be busted right now here. Always remember that every application will require timely maintenance, adding to the development cost.

Why Develop a Restaurant App?

Honestly, do you have much choice when it comes to selecting whether you need an application for your restaurant or not? Unfortunately, no! That’s because if you wish to hit multi-million-dollar revenues, you must target a bigger audience and reach out to places beyond boundaries. And to do so, the best and easiest option is to get onboarded with a mobile application.

1. Better Sales & Conversions

The first no-brainer answer to why every business requires an application is to increase its sales. And developing an application for your restaurant will be the scheme where you spend much less while you increase your earnings exponentially.

Did you know that orders have seen a sharp increase of 20% due to the availability of the online platform? It not only boosts your revenues but also helps you to reach out to figure audience within a very short span.

2. Retargeting & Rebranding

Rather than a website, a mobile app gives you the luxury of reaching out to your customers smoothly. So, how does this work? When the customer visits a restaurant, it means that the place only exists at that moment for them, and when they leave, it can disappear from their memory.

Though it might not be similar in multiple situations, it is the harsh reality that brands need to acknowledge every time. However, it instantly changes when you already offer your services and facilities over an application that can constantly connect with your customers, thanks to their smartphone addiction. Therefore, utilize key features like push notifications and reminders in any restaurant app to keep your customers forever aware of your latest updates.

3. Customer Engagement/Feedback for Better Performance

Lastly, these apps are a great way to connect with customers using the virtual platform. The customers are now very vocal about their experiences, likes, and dislikes regarding their favourite restaurants.

They might not be very comfortable disclosing these facts in person, but they are always ready to do so using the online platform. That is why designing a good and interactive platform for your customers can help business owners to understand their requirements and how to update their features and services to amplify the chances of a better business earning revenue.

At A Glance: Pick The Best Restaurant App Development Packages

Your target users are the ones to use the restaurant app to place their orders and share their valuable reviews. So, designing a user-friendly platform with detailed features like a menu, placing orders, payments, reviews, and ratings, push notifications, location services, pre-order meals, pre-book tables, opening hours, price list, customer services, order status tracking, minimum order choices, interaction with restaurants, etc. are an absolute necessity.

And be mindful that these are some essential functionalities that determine the exact cost of developing a mobile application for your food business. With a basic feature, a typical restaurant app development cost can range from $8000- $25,000 or more. However, if you plan to integrate complex functionalities like a 3D view of your place or a 3D menu, the cost can start from $27000. In addition, you can hire app development services, either based on hourly rates or for an entire designing package.

However, in any case, thoroughly discussing your requirements and expectations with the development team can be a win-win decision for both parties. Remember that developing a mobile app for your restaurant is a long-term investment plan that can help you sustain loyal customers while growing your presence in the market like never before.

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