10 Essential tips for managing remote teams in 2023

December 26, 2022
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Is managing remote teams simple or complex?

Managers are more likely to be in charge of workforces that include members who work remotely. Remote teams are famous across the globe. However, geographical boundaries do not mean anything anymore, and soon remote teams will comprise 80% of the modern workforce because technological advancements are important in managing remote teams.

The reality of many workforces is that they are working remotely, where the employee is at a different center, state, country, or planet. This means that managers must manage staff and set tasks accordingly.

Unique business challenges

There are no perfect tips for managing remote teams, as every company has challenges and requirements. Also, some things not only improve work but also ensure team members respect one another year-round. The ten tips in this article should be handy for managers looking to manage their remote teams.

Factors to know while managing remote teams

There are factors that one should take into consideration when managing remote team members. They are communication, task assignment, and assigning responsibilities for different day-to-day tasks apart from the niche expertise required at various locations for specific projects. The environment at the workplace is crucial for every employee. 

Employees who work remotely sometimes feel isolated from the rest of their team members. It could be helpful to organize team events that help build rapport with other remote members and get them to feel part of the team.

Remote team building activities

Managing a remote team in the USA can be difficult, but it is possible. Some activities needed to build a remote team include:

  • Rehearsing.
  • Virtual meetings.
  • Training new employees that work remotely.
  • Practicing regular, quick check-ins with employees.

Some of the challenges involve handling higher travel costs which are a direct result of being remote, as well as increased accountability. Apart from that, it includes project deadlines to communication in general because there can’t be face-to-face interaction, like in-office collaboration.

Remote team building activities make the team feel more connected, help balances the workload somewhat, and allow for flexible schedules. It’s important to ensure that managing remote teams builds productive relationships. Hence it happens by always remembering that communication is key outside physical space.

Remote team management strategies

It will vary wildly based on several factors, meaning it can be challenging to predict how things will change in the years ahead. Some experts claim that managers will become more hands-off as they become comfortable with their remote teams and trust their teams to work remotely collaboratively. Additionally, better remote communication tools and improved technology are sure to play a significant role in the future of managing remote teams.

Some experts believe that managers will get better at adapting if they anticipate what might go wrong with the team and have a few disaster recovery plans available just in case. Hence the key is to hire people who are already working remotely before going live; this is where HR comes in, assuming you’re an HR person!

Ten tips for remote team managers in the year 2023 and beyond

1) Communication channels change, including facetime.

2) Inclusive recruiting becomes even more important to find diversity in team members.

3) Recruiting needs a good deal of vetting remote prospects and targeting specific profiles.

4) Processes and systems are developed to integrate with remote teams, tested, and, once ready, in the field.

5) Executives state that authority should be granted to capable managers. It often leads to clashes with conflicting values, religion, or authorities on one or both ends of an assignment.

6) Expectations for swift decision-making increase, yet time zones are unforgiving. Hence the rise in stakeholders requiring votes from various board members before finalizing decisions is seen. Voted decisions onboarding user insights of time zones into decision-making agenda post-2020 become the critical company.

7) Create a culture of trust with your team members

8) Remote team-building activities are essential for building trust and strengthening relationships

9) Build a strong leadership culture

10) Develop an effective communication strategy and provide a review to your team members.

Organization of teams

Organizations moving toward change will find managing remote teams more effective than ever. A remote team is way more accessible in 2023, as technologies are designed to help manage such teams. Nowadays, different types of video allow collaboration and meetings without an expensive operation budget. In addition, meeting strategies have been tested for easy control and facilitation of virtual meetings over periods of minutes to hours to days on end.

We don’t need to abandon the in-person experience completely; instead, we embrace it through other locations when necessary. Remote teams can also benefit from finally being able to experience new environments together. Through programs, different groups of members can experience excursions within cities and rural areas throughout the USA.

What does managing remote team look like?

In the past, many companies did not hire remote employees. But now, more and more companies are starting to embrace this trend. CraftedQ helps you find information about remote managing teams. They are hiring remote employees to save on costs and boost performance which will be of use to you and for the success of your company.

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