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Mobile App Tracking: Uses and Benefits

May 9, 2023
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What is Mobile App Tracking and How It Works?

Mobile apps have become quite popular among all types of app users. Despite the dynamic scenario of mobile apps, users are getting more and more friendly with every new app in the market. Ever wondered what makes these apps favorite among users? Yes, you guessed it right – ‘the ability to offer user-centric information or data forms the core of popularity of these apps. These mobile apps create personalized user experiences through insights extracted from mobile app tracking. Let’s try to gain more insights into how app tracking works for an average mobile user like you and me.

Why is Mobile App Tracking Significant?

Mobile app tracking helps businesses record and understand user behavior. The different data collected inside the app analyzer help businesses make informed decisions. Businesses can transform various sections and improve upon the average ones to offer better user engagement. Some pressing questions like

  1. What is the favorite feature of your app?
  2. What are your user’s taste preferences?
  3. Locating the weak points,
  4. When and where do users leave the app?

How User Activity is Traced Through Mobile App Tracking?

Simply incorporating an app analytics solution into the software development program offers behavioral inputs in the form of data. Companies or small businesses aiming to trace the day-to-day behavior of their users imply this analytics capability to their app’s tracking system. The user interaction insights calculated via this tracking system are then put into use for remarketing and creating better apps and strengthening the existing pros of the mobile application.

The user retention rate, the inclusion of new features into the mobile app, and removing unwanted features are some prominent areas where mobile app tracking comes into play. However, selecting the appropriate SDK is crucial to an active website. The experts in the domain suggest selecting a low-risk and high-performing SDK for mobile app tracking. It is highly significant to remain within the app store guidelines; otherwise, the app might be rejected. The correct choice of software development kit (SDK), no doubt makes life easier for users and developers alike.

Reading The Analytics Obtained Via Mobile App Tracking

Finding information about user data is one thing and extracting useful insights from such data is another. However, mobile app analytics has made life easier with the collection and analytics aspect of mobile app tracking. Businesses can now interpret this data easily and make informed choices and offer better services to mobile app users. Mobile analytics covers the following aspects

  • The number of users actively using the app (periodic cycles of month, week, and day)
  • What’s the most loved feature among repeat visitors?
  • What’s the screen exit rate per day or month?
  • Percentage of repeat clicks
  • What are the conversion rates?
  • Regular check about user feedback over the internet
  • The need of remarketing or improving the app tracking
  • The common patterns in user behavior over a while

The Uses and Benefits of Mobile App Tracking

Mobile app users are frequently leveraging the comfort and personalized services offered via mobile applications. Whereas, mobile app providers of businesses using mobile apps are improving their consumer’s user experience day by day through improved user behavior research. All of this has become possible after the SDK or the software development kit’s inclusion and the ability to investigate analytics via an analytics tool. Let’s try to understand in this blog, how its advantageous for both consumers and businesses.

mobile application tracking

1. Accurate Login Information About Staff

Gone are the days when employees used to manually record their attendance in the office records. The new era working model and ability to work both on and offline asks for a flexible approach to attendance records. In Industries where employees serve on the client site itself, mobile applications offer in-and-out timing along with location tracking. This feature helps calculate employee attendance, serviceable time, safety, and client service quality, all through a single mobile application. Most of the employee login apps are easier to download and install on both platforms whether IOS or Android. Better application management is a natural outcome of using app tracking solutions as it brings unique insights into users’ interaction with the app itself.

2. Mobile Geo-Targeting

Mobile apps can track users’ location and suggest location-based info on their mobiles which enhances their overall user experience. Suppose a consumer is nearby a sports complex or a jewelry store, the apps can track the location and suggest some running offers along with location to them via app notification.

Better mobile tracking and the ability to geo-target can help businesses narrow down their target market and consumers and offers an approach to the most conversion-capable prospects to sell their services and products. Loyal business clients can, later on, receive targeted notifications, commercials, and newsletters to remain in the loop. Occasional coupons and contests based on geo-targeting can also result in fruitful interaction between consumers and businesses.

3. Engaging Consumer Loyalty Programs

Offering rewards for downloading and referring to an app might help increase and build up loyalty among consumers. Regular services like cleaning, spa, repair, electronics repair and software updates, etc. can be provided with some points every time someone uses a particular app. The reward method accompanied by geo-targeting can help build rapport and inculcate interest at the same time. An up-to-date mobile tracking app can track the consumer’s location and suggest they book your services if they haven’t used the same in a while.

4. Recording Visitor Footprint

Attracting consumers is one thing and retaining them is another. When a prospect comes into your store for the first time, the chances are they’re going to visit again, provided the services and client satisfaction is good. The mobile app tracking lets businesses record user footprints and frequency of using a particular service and suggest the same on a location or time basis. For example – if a customer is looking for an electronics repair service once a month, then the service provider can suggest an electronics repair service accompanied by some added free complimentary service in the next month. Timely feedback can also help businesses transform their services.

5. Seeking Timely Help In Times Of Urgency

The ability to locate the staff anytime through mobile app tracking can offer a better sense of safety and security for small businesses and users alike. The emergency scenarios like accidents or health emergencies ask for a GPS-enabled tracking system, where users can simply search for the nearest medical facility or police security.

6. Tracking The Location Of Friends And Family

The mobile app tracking helps keep note of other team members’ locations too. The location-sharing feature allows for staying in a safe loop where other team members or family members are aware of a person’s accurate location. This feature can be used equally in the case of office staff and family members. Employees visiting places can keep track of their location and time management through GPS tracking provided by mobile app tracking.

7. Increase In Conversion Rate Of Prospects

Before keeping track of consumers via app tracking-based systems, it is advisable to ask for their consent in the first place. The regular location mapping and user behavior analysis could be later on used to provide

  • Better services
  • Improved notifications
  • Personalized newsletters
  • Personalized offers
  • Regular feedback from clients
  • Timely rewards and offers

Businesses using in-app tracking require only to remain truthful to their clients relating to personal data safety and security.

8. Popular Mobile App Tracking Tools

Mobile app tracking asks for smart tools that can collaborate in real time and provide analytical data to work on. Popular mobile tracking apps come with the promise of being user-friendly and intelligent at the same time. Some of the friendly mobile tracking apps in the market are –

  • UX Cam

    it’s a result-oriented app analytics solution that brings both qualitative and quantitative data on a single platform. The improvement in the KPI is quite achievable with this amazing app solution.

  • Flurry

    it’s a great app solution to track user sentiment and behavior across a plethora of mobile applications. It brings to the table various user interactions on a single platform.

  • Clevertap

    it’s a unique tool that provides you with new features like user engagement, user segmentation, and personalized course of action on a user basis. Tracking users’ uninstallations and sending personalized notifications is comfortably done via this app.

In addition to app tracking solutions, the latest buzz in the mobile app scenario is application modernization and businesses are initiating action in this area too.

Concluding lines

In the common man’s language, mobile app tracking is just like reading someone’s mind or simply giving them options to consider when it comes to choices. The tailor-made offers, services, and information – in the bigger picture lead to personalized, time-saving, and better functionality for the consumers. So, for businesses – it’s all about targeting specifically and delivering personally to every client out there. For users, it’s special every time they avail a service from their favorite business.

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