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10 Real Estate SEO Tips to Boost Sales

June 2, 2023
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Tips For Real Estate Business Growth

Like any other industry, real estate has also transitioned into the digital marketing era and is experiencing the power of SEO tools daily. With an increase in website visitors, real estate services providers are inclined to look at doing their real estate SEO with a fresh approach. Having a dependable and warm web presence is the basic prerequisite to attracting a larger target audience and boosting real estate sales in the first place. The real estate SEO tips that can help boost sales in 2023 depend a lot on the crucial web dynamics these days.

Although real estate SEO tips change every year, here, we look at the top ten real estate SEO tips that are promising to boost sales in the year 2023.

  1. A mobile-friendly website
  2. Content that converts
  3. Use the power of being local
  4. It’s all about being social
  5. Presenting data in a structured way
  6. Smartly optimized real estate website
  7. Optimizing your website for voice search
  8. Building a lot of local links
  9. Using the video content wisely
  10. Do enough keyword research

1. A Mobile-Friendly Website

Being mobile-friendly is the need of the hour. Clients searching for real estate deals often make their search via their cellphones and hence it’s obvious that a mobile-optimized website has better chances to engage clients. real estate websites that open easily and offer seamless navigation contribute tremendously to boosting sales.

2. Content That Converts

When a prospect searches for a property, they are asking simply for more details about it. When Real estate websites offer good content that answers prospects’ queries, conversion increases too. However, content optimized for specific keywords does this job better. If you’re a real estate services provider, make sure the information you offer is relevant, accurate, and engaging for your consumers.

3. Use The Power Of Being Local

Being local is a boon for sectors like real estate. They definitely get to attract more local buyers when they promote themselves as an area-specific real estate service provider, they can certainly boost their sales. Local real estate business simply has to add their street address, contact numbers, and nearest landmarks to come at the top of the search results for the specific area. Incorporating location-based meta tags, descriptions, and content keywords during the website development phase itself is a great technique to appear at the forefront of local buyers.

4. It’s All About Being Social

Everyone likes to know a little bit about you before making up their mind to make a buying decision. Top ten real estate SEO tips also include being present in social media in your location. It’s only when you share a connection with your prospects, they come to know you and are in a better position to make a buying decision.

5. Presenting Data In A Structured Way

Structural data markup can help search engines understand your content in a better way and list the same for organic search results. Not only do your website search engine rankings reach higher but also appear in snippets more often.

6. Smartly Optimized Real Estate Website

Real estate SEO requires you to optimize your website for the right keywords. Apart from the keywords, boosting website speed, renovating its pages, overall content, and internal links for better navigation also help a lot.

An increasing number of people search using voice commands and hence an improved voice search helps your real estate website appear promptly in organic voice search results. The long tail keywords and search-friendly keywords make this a lot easier for clients using the voice search feature. Real estate SEO involves updating these keywords from time to time.

SEO involves linking the content with external and internal links and building a strong presence online. Real estate websites often share links with local newspapers, from where prospects can directly visit and explore their website. Being a real estate services provider, you can ask permission from the local newspapers to include your website link in their relevant pages.

9. Using The Video Content Wisely

Video content is dynamic, and consumer-friendly and it’s the trusted most way to engage your prospects, that’s why it forms one of the pillars of real estate SEO tips when it comes to doing the SEO the right way. Real estate services can improve visibility online. Make sure to provide high-quality videos on the most popular real estate topics. Sharing these videos on your website and channels like YouTube helps a lot to improve your web presence online.

10. Do Enough Keyword Research

SEO experts suggest performing your keyword research strategically and using it wisely. Your real estate SEO plan has to be targeted, specific, and keyword smart to crack the right type of prospects. Using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner is crucial as it helps make smart keyword planning in much less time.

seo tips for real estate

The Six-Step SEO Implementation Plan For Your Website

  • To perform keyword research,
  • Develop a list of relevant keywords that you want to target,
  • Create content that is optimized for these keywords,
  • optimize existing content on your website,
  • Enhance website interaction capability and speed
  • user-friendly web presence

Some Healthy SEO Practices To Boost Real Estate Sales

  • A thoughtfully SEO-optimized website for mobile users,
  • Keyword-targeted content,
  • An easy-to-navigate website,
  • Building relevant links, and
  • The right promotion on social media.

What Are the Most Important Takeaways for Doing Real Estate SEO the Right Way?

Real estate businesses looking to revamp their SEO can opt for these quick tips from this blog –

  • optimizing for voice search,
  • optimizing for local search,
  • creating a content strategy that includes video and images,
  • utilizing schema markup, and
  • focusing on link building

For any real estate business to grow in the year 2023, having the right approach toward real estate SEO tips is required. Once these are in place, then there’s no looking back. Rightly performed real estate SEO brings back a plethora of queries, prospects, and conversions leading finally to sales. Increased web presence automatically leads to enhanced goodwill. But, it’s important to remember here, that the long-term sales goals are achievable only through consistent efforts. Real estate SEO can assist in strategic real estate consulting to improve the sales and web presence of your business.

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