The 10 best remote team building activities for 2023

November 17, 2022
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The best Remote team-building activities for your workplace.

Remote team development activities have become a popular way for businesses to enhance their teams in the digital era. Employees may now work from home or remotely more frequently than ever, and this trend will only grow as new technologies emerge. There are several advantages to remote team building activities, whether you want to create confidence in your team or identify ways to make communication more smooth. If you’re considering incorporating remote team building activities for 2023 into your corporate culture, here are some terrific ideas for doing so effectively.

Why are remote team building activities important?

Team-building activities are essential for managing remote teams, particularly for the latter group. On-site teams see each other most days of the week and have the opportunity to socialize in the workplace. Since they are deprived of this, remote employees are more likely to experience loneliness, which can negatively impact their performance.

While there are clear challenges to working with remote teams, there are considerably more possibilities than you would believe. Companies had to develop inventive methods to conduct online during the COVID-19 epidemic. This resulted in many virtual team-building exercises for work, many of which are still used by organizations today!

Top 10 online team building activities & games

Remote team-building exercises allow you to work on specific skills while reducing distractions so that everyone is engaged and ready to work together. We’ve listed 10 remote team building activities below. Some you could organize outside work hours, while others would be the best team building activities, for work conference calls. There are countless options; explore them!

1. Interesting trivia quizzes

A traditional trivia quiz is usually a lot of fun, and it may be a fantastic escape from job stress and virtual team-building activity. It allows your team members to have some much-needed fun while learning a little more about one another.

Quizzes do not require special software; they may entertain team-building activities using Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. You’re sure to have a good time whether you conduct a general knowledge or pop culture quiz or quiz your team members on the history of your firm.

2. Pictionary online

Drawing is a beautiful way to break the ice and show off your staff’s humor and creativity. Play drawing games on various a website like Drawsize or Scribbl and organize a virtual orientation session. Another simple option to make your own drawing game is to choose a facilitator and invite staff members to draw answers to questions. 

3. Scavenger hunt on the internet

Scavenger hunts are fast-paced, highly participatory remote team building activities. Select a theme, such as music, space, or science. You may also use themes like Halloween or Christmas to boost participation.

Start shooting out your list of objects and tips after all your staff arrives at the event. To earn points, participants must stand for the camera or email a snapshot of an item from the list that they locate around their home.

When all the hints have been utilized, the facilitators count the points or hold a poll to determine the victors.

4. Online bingo

Virtual Bingo is a great way for managing remote teams that individuals of all ages can play. You may select a theme or design a one-of-a-kind, inside joke-filled bingo game for your company. Use an online virtual bingo platform or construct your own with a bingo template builder. 

5. Board games with multiple players

It doesn’t matter what you think about video games; no doubt playing together in a group environment encourages solid bonds and togetherness. While playing the game, players gain innovative and strategic thinking skills, which are equally beneficial in the business.

Catan and Dominion are two well-known multiplayer video games, as are digitalized board games like Monopoly and Scrabble, which may be played online via plugins. Gaming packages can also be purchased from websites such as Jackbox Games and Tabletopia.

6. Competition for the best photographs

A best-picture competition is a simple challenge that may be used to initiate frequent small-group virtual calls. Everyone should submit a picture they took and then vote on who caught the best photograph that week. Weekly themes like the greatest food photo or the most incredible natural photo might liven it up and add flavor.

7. Truths and one lie

It’s a fun and light game. Organize a video conference call and ask employees to speak two truths and one falsehood about themselves (not work-related). Keep the deception believable, so it takes work to figure out. The other employees must guess which was the lie, and whoever gets it right wins a prize. Employees will also like it since their stories will make others chuckle.

8. Sessions for virtual wellness

It’s easy to grow lonely when working alone. A virtual wellness session could be worth exploring if you’re seeking a work-from-home team-building activity that will enhance your team members’ moods and overall well-being. These brief remote team building activities centered on health are suitable for various reasons.

A specialist generally leads virtual wellness sessions. They might start the session with a guided meditation before moving on to breathing exercises. Short virtual team-building activities with a wellness focus can help your staff combat poor mood when working alone.

9. Waffles vs. pancakes

Pancakes or waffles can help you in managing remote teams and their collaborative decision-making skills. You begin by having your team debate the virtues of pancakes vs. waffles and choose which to maintain and eliminate- as if never to be supplied or consumed again. The conversation then adds a new competitor – pancakes vs. donuts or pancakes vs. superhero flicks to make it more intriguing. Team members will open up as the game progresses, and the debates will get increasingly heated.

10. Recipe collection

Choose a topic – greatest cookie recipes, your favorite meal your mother or father made – and then make and swap meals based on that week’s theme with other coworkers. Include an icebreaker in which everyone briefly explains why they choose a particular food.

The strong team management

A business with a devoted and motivated team encourages employee engagement. Getting them together for remote team building activities for 2023 is essential for your success and your team. Whatever activities you select – the ones listed above, the myriad more available online, or those you create yourself CraftedQ suggests making it a point to get your teams together regularly. Assure them that they are not forgotten, are not alone, and are an essential part of your organization.

Employees may no longer work in the same building but share the same objectives. And they all have the desire to connect with their coworkers. There is no better way to accomplish this than through virtual team-building activities.

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