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What is Salesforce CPQ and how does it work?

February 19, 2023
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What is Salesforce CPQ? how does it work?

Your company has just begun to blossom and is on the verge of closing a game-changing transaction. You’ve assembled an ensemble team, but their hectic schedule and manual dependencies make you feel as if you’re treading on eggshells when putting together that final quote. Salesforce CPQ, does this sound familiar? You’re not by yourself! According to research, just 34% of a salesperson’s time is spent on sales. The remaining time will be spent developing quotations and proposals and obtaining approvals. This issue has been there for a long time, yet many sales executives still need to learn how to deal with it.

What exactly is CPQ?

CPQ is an abbreviation for configure, price, and quote. It is a tool for optimizing sales while designing complicated items and generating client estimates. The Salesforce CPQ software creates estimates rapidly and allows the sales team to access them instantly, depending on the customer’s specifications.

Why should you use CPQ software?

Most sales teams are engrossed by manual chores with spreadsheets. Instead of moving on to the next project, they may spend hours chasing down contract approvals or attempting to price things appropriately.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is a fantastic sales tool that assists businesses in creating exact and customized sales quotations for clients – we’re talking about incredibly complex sales transactions here. CPQ  in salesforce provides sales representatives and leaders complete access to the data they need to expedite even the most complicated quotes. The CPQ products are a surefire answer to most customer relationship management difficulties.

What can you do with CPQ?

  • Minimize order errors
  • Reduce time for compiling complex contracts
  • Stable revenue growth
  • Boost data accuracy & visibility
  • Improve customer experience

How to use CPQ to its fullest

You’ve probably worked out what CPQ is by this point. Let’s look more closely at how Salesforce CPQ may help your business now. Let’s look at how CPQ can be helpful to you if you’re sick of running spreadsheets. Also, handwritten notes for each statement or proposal.

Suppose your business has a conventional selling procedure that includes lead creation, negotiation, and closing the sale. Therefore, regardless of how large or small your firm is. You may expand your business by increasing your pipeline of proposals. Thus, CPQ integration will speed up the completion of deals. Your teams’ knowledge will be reflected in your KPIs with CPQ.

What does CPQ in salesforce mean?

Salesforce CPQ was created solely on the Salesforce platform as a tool for setting up price quotations. It provides automated sales quotes with pre-built features like Guided Selling, Pricing, and Discount Schedules. However, it goes beyond just that. Regardless of how intricate the process is, it dramatically increases the capacity and independence of your sales personnel. It streamlines your dispersed internal teams, automates the quoting process, generates accurate and quick quotes without leaving Salesforce, and saves time.

What is the Salesforce CPQ process?

Let’s use the example of an SMB company that produces large vehicles designed for its clients. The numerous teams that manage the business include:

  • An outside sales team that gathers client needs.
  • An inside sales team that gets information from the external sales team.
  • Teams that work together to construct specific products and provide accurate quotes within the allotted time frames.

The entire process is chaotic in the manufacturing sector, particularly in the automobile industry. Whether an engineer-to-order or a custom-creating process, various configurations, designs, and models will confuse the back-and-forth procedure. To provide an accurate and timely quote, the sales staff desperately needs more outstanding design and engineering knowledge!

This is the area where salesforce development services excel over all others. Let’s examine Salesforce CPQ’s functionality throughout the whole procedure. Let’s see how Salesforce CPQ functions at each stage of the procedure.

1. C is to Configure

The outside sales staff may employ dynamic selling strategies in response to a user’s request for a specific model. Therefore, they may submit this information into Salesforce CPQ in real-time using their cell phones. The internal sales team collaborates with the design teams after gathering the data. Moreover, start producing the vehicle model the buyer has requested. Based on the program’s requirements, they can modify and personalize the components and accessories. The representative can then modify the software’s settings. With a salesforce development company, the engineering team’s potential for error is strictly limited. Additionally, customers receive the most precise configuration instructions for the product.

2. P is Pricing

When calculating the pricing for the user-selected truck model, CPQ employs multi-layered discounting logic. Sales agents may use many tiers of discounts—for instance, volume discounts, distributor discounts, etc. They are additionally utilizing the discounting features of Salesforce CPQ.

You may modify the warranty and discount information on Salesforce CPQ. The discount end date is also adjustable, which designates how long the promotion is active. The contract is updated in real-time to ensure both parties oblige to the agreement. For instance, if the contract is for a direct buy, a lease, or a subscription, consider these various transaction financing eventualities. It is then forwarded to the approval team for discount approval.

3. Q is a Quotation

After accepting the discount, the user can review the quote to confirm the terms before coming up with the final estimate. Let’s say the user wishes to increase the contract’s 30-day early termination period to 90 days. To take notes and send them back for approval. It then sends the quotation to the user for their electronic signature after creating it. Consequently, communicate via portals with the internal sales representative, QA team, and sales management team.

Why should you prioritize Salesforce CPQ?

The following data will enable you to improve your Salesforce CPQ skills. Salesforce development in CPQ asserts that their quote production process is ten times quicker than other quote generators. You will then be able to charge your clients the appropriate amount.

Sales improve with Salesforce

Your customers will therefore get quick service. Quote-to-cash movement shows how quickly you convert leads into sales. Salesforce CPQ outperforms the competition in quote-to-cash rate by a factor of two.

It takes time for new reps to adjust and perform at their best. Here, Salesforce CPQ enables new salespeople to become productive 30 percent more quickly.

Salesforce CPQ is on the rise

If you are looking to learn more about Salesforce CPQ, CraftedQ is happy to assist you in making the most of Salesforce CPQ. Contact us and transform your sales team into a force in the marketplace.

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