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Angular vs React: Which is better for web development?

November 4, 2022
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A detailed comparison – Angular vs React

Angular and React are popular frameworks for building websites and apps with JavaScript. Both have enthusiastic communities and are open-source projects that anyone can use a fork and modify as they see fit. And both have very different approaches to solving the same set of problems. If you’re trying to decide between Angular vs React for your next project, here is a handy comparison of the two.

What is React?

React is the most used JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. It was created by Facebook and has since become a mature project maintained by the open-source community. React is a component-based library that lets you create self-contained pieces of functionality that you can combine to create a complete application. Reacts approach to building interfaces is very different from that of Angular, and it has its own merits and trade-offs. Let’s take a closer look at Angular vs. React in web development to see how it can benefit your projects.

A brief history of React

React was initially created in 2011 by a team of React developers at Facebook trying to solve a problem in their code base. At the time, the web was transitioning from using server-side technologies like PHP and Ruby on Rails to using JavaScript on the client side, and no single JavaScript library was gaining adoption. This was a problem for Facebook since they built their UI from a mix of pre-existing JavaScript libraries. 

The role of JavaScript

Fortunately, JavaScript is a very flexible language, allowing you to create new libraries that suit your specific project’s requirements. The team at Facebook built React as a new library on top of the existing DOM API. It allowed them to create high-quality, easy-to-understand, maintain, and reuse components.

Angular and React – Which is easier to learn?

When trying to pick between Angular vs React, one of the most asked questions is, “Which one is easier to learn?” For many Angular developers, this is a major deciding factor when choosing which framework to work with on a project. Both Angular vs. React in web development are popular, robust frameworks for building front-end applications. They have passionate communities behind them and have been used to build the most popular websites worldwide. Both have rich documentation and many third-party libraries and are backed by major corporations.

The result

Angular vs react which one is easier to learn? The answer depends on what type of Angular developer or React developer you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. React is a more straightforward library, so it’s a good option if you’re looking for something easier to understand at a high level. Regarding Angular vs React for web development company in USA, React has a very different approach than Angular. Hence, if you’re looking to try something new, CraftedQ suggests it could be a good choice.

Angular and React: Similarities

Angular and React are popular choices for building modern applications with JavaScript. You can use them to create websites or apps running on mobile devices. Angular vs. React in web development is written in JavaScript and uses a client-side model where the page is rendered on the browser. 

Both libraries are also open-source projects that rely on the contributions of individual developers to maintain and improve them. This means that you have access to the source code for both libraries, can fork it, and even modify it to suit your unique needs. This is particularly important if you’re working on an existing code base that you don’t have control over. 

Angular and React: Differences

While both are popular for building modern applications, they also have differences worth knowing about before deciding.  

  1. First, each library’s approach to rendering apps on a browser is very different. Angular is a full-stack framework that lets you write code in one language (TypeScript) and then compile it into JavaScript. React is just a library that lets you write components where everything is written in JavaScript. This means the compiled output is the same whether you’re using React or Angular. 
  2. Another important difference is that React has no built-in data-handling functionality. This means you have to add an external library like Redux or MobX to handle data and state management in your application. On the other hand, Angular comes with data binding out of the box, so you don’t have to add another library to get this functionality.

Angular vs React for mobile devices.

The smartphone industry took off at the start of this decade. This led to the requirement to implement responsive UI in web apps to make them suitable for smaller devices. This posed a problem for such technologies since they had to enable mobile integration while enabling developers to use a tech stack that they were previously accustomed to.

These frameworks make it easier to reuse code for web and mobile apps and may provide excellent runtime performance that rivals native programs.

React wins here

Although Angular lacks official support for mobile app development, both Angular and React provide cross-platform mobile application frameworks. Predominantly in Angular vs. React for web development company in USA, Ionic and Native Script are the most widely used platforms for building mobile applications in Angular. React has an official framework endorsed by Facebook called React Native. We must point out that between Angular vs. React in web development, React Native steals the show here. Its performance is the closest to that of native programs, and it is also the most popular mobile.

Angular or React? Keep the strategic differences in mind

When choosing whether to use Angular or React for your next project, it’s essential to understand the core concepts of each framework. Angular vs React are popular choices for modern applications, but they have very different approaches to solving the same problems. This means that you have to decide which one is best for your specific project. Luckily, both frameworks have thriving communities behind them, so finding help and asking questions should be easy. At CraftedQ, we have experienced software developers in Angular and React. Need a boost in building your web application with one of these technologies? Get in touch!

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