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Average WordPress developer salary in USA

January 3, 2023
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What is a WordPress developer salary?

The term “WordPress developer” has become somewhat of a catchall for those who design and build WordPress-powered websites. That’s taking care of everything from the initial design to the day-to-day operations of the site. As a result of this disparity, even if two jobs have the same title, WordPress developer salary may be different.

One further justification for comparing salary is that many individuals avoid talking about money. Still, it’s important to be aware of the going rate for WordPress developer salary in USA, so you can make the most of your earnings potential.

The booming market 

WordPress development is a flourishing market that draws both established businesses and startups. WordPress developers’ salary varies widely since the industry encompasses such a wide variety of tasks. It is from front- to back-end website building.

Average salary of a WordPress developer 

As of the 26th of December, 2022, a WordPress Developer in the United States can expect to earn an average of $66,422 annually. If you need an easy way to figure out how much money you’re making, it comes out to around $31.93 per hour. At this rate, you’d spend around $5,535 every month, or $1,277 per week.

There may be numerous prospects for growth and improved income dependent on skill level, location, and years of experience. For a WordPress developer, the typical salary range varies substantially.

CraftedQ constantly checks its database of millions of current jobs advertised locally around the United States. This is to provide details of the most accurate yearly pay range for WordPress Developer jobs.

Summary of WordPress developer salary

We’ve summarized 10 areas where WordPress Developers may expect to earn a salary that’s much higher than the national average. San Francisco, California is at the top of the list, followed by Fremont and San Jose. The cost of living in San Jose, California is $9,245 (13.9%) more than the national average of $66,422, while in San Francisco, California, it is even higher at $13, WordPress%).

An average WordPress developer salary, may vary significantly. Relocating to one of these 10 cities, whose earnings are greater than the national average, is a very beneficial decision.

Project-based WordPress developer salary

Specialized work for WordPress developers includes various activities. It includes site migration from another platform to WordPress and the creation of sitemaps and wireframes.

Compensation for WordPress developers varies widely from project to project and client to client. That’s why it’s useful to maintain tabs on WordPress developer wages. It enables you to evaluate how your offer stacks up against the market average.

Hiring a dedicated developer

The highest yearly averages are for senior WordPress developers with five or more years of experience. On the other hand, the lowest averages are for rookie WordPress developers with zero to two years of experience.

Freelance WordPress developer salary

This is a WordPress developer salary overview for freelancers. To put it another way, many WordPress programmers don’t work for a company full-time. As freelancing markets hire workers from all over the globe, they have to factor in worldwide rates when estimating WordPress developer salary.

Some freelancers choose to charge by the project, while most freelancers charge by the hour. As an example, let’s compare the typical incomes of both regular freelancers and independent experts.

Freelance markets 

According to Upwork, the going fee for a WordPress developer in the United States is $70 per hour on average, with costs ranging from $30 to $175. The average decreases to $15-$28 per hour when independent contractors from other countries are included in.

Freelance WordPress developers may choose from a variety of pricing structures. Whether you decide to charge by the hour or the project, it’s important to emphasize your contributions.

Career opportunities that shine bright 

Working as a WordPress developer opens up a wide variety of career paths, including front-end and back-end design, plugin and theme creation, and more.

Nonetheless, if you want to increase your earnings, you should target a niche market. Although it may seem counterproductive at first, narrow your focus and reduce your consumer base. It can allow you to charge more for the specialized service you offer.

Core software, plugins, or themes 

These are the three areas that WordPress developer salary for 2023, may choose to focus on. While there is value in making progress in each of these areas. You will see the most results by focusing your efforts on one.

As a freelancer, you’re responsible for the technical scope of work as well as the commercial part, including client acquisition, agreement negotiation, and set your pricing.

Must have skills

Being able to convey your ideas to your customer is important to a successful business relationship. It enables you to communicate the scope of the job to the customer. You can do it in terms they can grasp and helps establish realistic views.

An essential component of your ability to communicate is the ability to negotiate. Every person should acquire the skill of bargaining. Deliverables, expectations, and prices are all formalized in a customer relationship via negotiation. While hiring WordPress developer with mastery in negotiation is uncommon, but the rewards are substantial.

Controlling your time

Working independently as a WordPress developer means being your boss. You have free reign over your schedule and the tasks you do. If your rate is determined by the number of hours put into a project, increasing your efficiency and minimizing wasted time will get you a better hourly pay.

WordPress developer salary of freelancers who make a living at it has learned the value of organization and saving time. They make sure everything is done to spec, and they devise systems for routine tasks. Customers appreciate freelancers who take the time to be organized so they can present themselves professionally.

Ideal salary of a WordPress developer

With the increasing importance of web development to modern organizations, WordPress has become a lucrative career path. Knowing the typical wage for a WordPress developer is an important first step if you’re thinking about entering the field. Then, put the aforementioned advice to work to ensure that, at every stage of your WordPress development career, you are compensated fairly. CraftedQ in the USA solves all your issues regarding WordPress.

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