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What is jQuery and how to use jQuery in WordPress?

November 25, 2022
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What is jQuery – An overview

The JavaScript library jQuery makes it simpler to control HTML elements using JavaScript. It is widely used by front-end web developers and is free and open-source.

You can program your web pages to react to user interactions, call other scripts, update the page’s content without having to reload the page, and do a lot more with jQuery. Since jQuery uses a lot less code and saves developers time compared to ordinary JavaScript, it is important to have the proper knowledge of the subject.

How does WordPress use jQuery?

WordPress developers frequently employ jQuery in their plugins and themes. WordPress CMS code files include jQuery libraries to use jQuery in themes and plugins. This is mainly to create dynamic and interesting user interfaces. Although it is unnecessary, jQuery makes the task much more straightforward. Before you begin website development, understanding JavaScript and jQuery is important. This is the first step in implementing jQuery in WordPress.

Adding jQuery to WordPress

You don’t need to download any other files or programs to utilize it because, as was already explained, it is already loaded and ready to use in WordPress. However, to use it in your projects as effectively as possible, there are some changes to your code files that we advise you to make. Before making any changes, knowing what is jQuery is mandatory. Then you should back up your WordPress site because you’ll be changing essential files.

Mode of compatibility

You can decide whether or not to put your website into compatibility mode using jQuery in WordPress. It has a compatibility mode feature that avoids problems with other code libraries used on your website.

By focusing on the jQuery shorthand, $, compatibility mode avoids these problems. This abbreviation is used to represent the function name. The problem with $ is that several libraries use it in their syntax. The compatibility mode prevents confusion by removing $ and only allowing the function name.

How to add jQuery to WordPress?

1. Establish a script file

Build a script file and save it in a theme’s folder so that the functionalities can be incorporated. You can use the Javascript extension (.js) and give this File a name that represents your new function. 

For example. The best way to handle your files, in this case, is to put this File in a new subdirectory with the name “js” inside your theme’s main folder. Based on your theme choice and structure, you should also consider developing a child theme to experiment with. By doing this, you can be sure that your parent theme files are safe using jQuery in WordPress.

2. Insert code into the functions.php file

The functions.php File must then be found. If not, you may make your own—this needs to be in the theme’s folder. The main File is where all the action takes place. It can be customized with your functionalities to create a genuinely own theme. After knowing what is jQuery, using WordPress’ wp_enqueue_script() function is the best way to accomplish this.

The wp_enqueu_script() function also accepts a variety of optional parameters. Except for one, each of these parameters is optional. The $handle parameter, which indicates the particular name of the script, is the one you must use.

The use of plugins

If delving into WordPress scripts and functions is not your thing, there is an alternative. You can utilize plugins to make it easier to use jQuery in 2023 on your website. Two excellent choices are:

 1. Custom Fields: Using it extensively, this plugin makes it simple to add custom fields to your edit screens.

 2. Custom CSS and JS: This tool comes in handy when you need to add custom JavaScript with your WordPress theme but want to avoid writing any code.

We recommend learning the basics and how it interacts with WordPress before selecting a plugin to work with.

Ensure to register with WordPress

Therefore, when you open the HTML-code page ensure that no active theme and plugins are present. Wp_enqueue_script() method is used to register and load WordPress scripts. Plugins recognize the associated specific library, and dependencies, and avoid loading the same scripts repeatedly.

If it is not mentioned in the website’s HTML code, you must start the connection in the theme’s functions.php File. Due to its default registration, it is the most straightforward plugin to connect to WordPress.

Enhance user experience with jQuery

Be choosy if you are serious about every change you make to your WordPress website. The most crucial aspect of your website is updating because any error could negatively affect your revenue and customer numbers. Hence, make sure to utilize a specialist when it comes to jQuery. The best option is to work with a hiring partner like CraftedQ. The platform and our professionals both have the best expertise in WordPress. We guarantee that we offer only the best service for your upcoming projects. Please discuss your project with us your project right away! 

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